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June 25, 2005
Hanging Out With Chibi 2

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A Word from the Management:

Thursday, June 29, 2006
Hello. It's Chibi again. No there isn't a new comic nor filler. If you would like to make a guest comic please do and emial it to me. ^_^ I added something new to Links and Extras pages. So check them out. That's all for now. Tripod is driving me crazy with pop-ups. X{
PS: I relized that the neg bar for the last few comics were nessed up, but they are all fixed now. ^_^

Sunday, June 25, 2006
This comic stars me and Candy2021. This would be so funny if this happened. The whole Emily thing is an inside joke. Read my AnimeNEXT report on deviantART if you really wanna know or ask Candy. LoL

This is part of series so go here
[link] to see the first comic.
BtW AnimeNEXT was awsome. ^_^

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